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Website Development

Looking for Affordable Website or Banners Development? Look no further!

We are dedicated to helping our clients achieve their website goals. Whether you're a private party, small business, or non-profit organization, we have a website package that's right for you.

Our website packages are based on the XOOPS™ Web Portal System. With XOOPS™, we are able to develop sites that are cost effective and simple to administer. This allows our clients to keep their sites updated without the need to pay a webmaster to do it for them. It's easy to see where this can save a business hundreds of dollars in Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

In order to maximize the performance and security of your website package, we have preconfigured a special distribution that includes several patches and additions to the core XOOPS™ code. This enables us to get your site online and ready for visitors in a minimal amount of time.

For more information regarding our services, please complete the form on the Contact Us page.

Add-on Modules
Below is a partial list of some of the add-on modules we've compiled that extend the functionality of your website package:

  • osCommerce - eCommerce Store Front Module
  • Regkeys - Member Authorization & Authentication System
  • MyAds - Classified Ads Module
  • MyAlbum-p-2.8 - Photo Album Module
  • WikiMod - Seemless Wiki Integraton Module
  • XoOgle - Google API Search Module
  • Xoops Chat - Integrated PHP Based Chat Module

........Plus much, much more!

We understand that nobody wants another "Me Too" - looking site. That's why we've scoured the web for the best XOOPS™ themes. We have over 100 high-quality, third-pary themes, and we are currently developing our own custom themes for XOOPS™.

The themes we have compiled cover a wide range of interests and tastes. We offer:

  • Distinctly unique themes - Several unique themes ranging from floral to dragons

  • Underground themes - Dark and mysterious themes that appeal to the Gamer crowd

  • Ported themes - Popular themes for "other" systems ported to work with XOOPS™

  • Look-alike themes - Themes resembling famous sites like MSN™ and Red Hat Linux™

Coming Soon!

  • Custom themes - one-of-a-kind themes designed to your specifications